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11-07-2015, 04:43 AM
Hey people hope you all doing good.

Also i have just started balding and this seems like a pretty good site to get and maybe share some information about this unwanted sexiness.

As the title says im wondering about a couple of things. (It mite get a lil' nasty though :rolleyes:).

I just turned 22, always had great long black curls or braids and i've never even thought about balding until July.

- My dad (african) started balding late 34's. No idea about his father tho.
- The father of my mother has got some temples, but he's about 75 and aint bald yet.
- For the rest i can't really say because i'm in a pretty big mixed up family, but besides my dad i'm the only one going bald i guess.

As for the last couple of months i've noticed that my hair is extremely dry, thin, falling out very easily and more light-brown like than blackish and ive lost a couple of kilograms even though im not really fat or muscular.

The last 2 or 3 years me and my friends been eating way to less, smoking increased to much and drinking an extremely amount of alcohol for about every single day. We started our own construction companies 2 years ago and ever since it's working very hard and drinking way to much but no care for our body itself.

Now that my hairs are rapidly falling out i'm really bothered about that being a trigger/cause for it, but something else i recently discovered might just as well be.

Ever since i noticed that my hairs were coming out, i twice noticed something that freaked me out even more: Some creepy long thin red weird rainworm-like parasites in my toiletbowl which i believe to come out of my body eating the little nutrition i struggle for:mad:..

Both hairloss and this came at the same time and ive never had neither of these two, so i've also got a pretty strong feeling that that, in combination with the heavy drinking and smoking, weight-loss, nutrition and vitamin deficiency might just be the cause for my hair loss. I also must say that it's going really rapidly and in July i had a full crown and hairline, which are now both going downhills with 220 mph.

So about a month ago i've been to the doctor with the same story (hair, parasites, lifestyle) and asked for a blood test. The hospital said my zinc, iron and Vit-D were to low and i needed to take supplements (which i got, but doubted and never took). The doctor gave me a medicine against the parasites, but they didn't seem to work and its only ever since that i've started noticing the characteristics.

1. Is it possible that i triggered the AGA myself by skipping tons of healthy meals, drinking huge amounts of alcohol and smoking a lot of cigarettes (and marijuana)?
2. Or is it possible that there are indeed parasites of about 5-7 cm inside of me and are somehow contributing to the AGA? :confused:
3. I've registered myself in the gym and did that for a good 2 months until a couple of weeks ago i read that it contributes to hair-loss? Any balding people here lifting weights and saw a difference?
4. I'm still kind of scared to start with Finasteride, Minoxidil or anything like that as i'm not really with meds and all that and could very well have children this or next year so i'd be ****ed if i started the fina, right?

I know it sounds crazy and all but they are some serious thoughts. Also after doing some research, all of the above can cause hair loss. I just can't seem to find about which type or hair-loss they are referring to or in which levels it's effective. I'd love to see that i'm not the only one having this exact problem.

Thanks for taking your (balding;)) time to read my thread and maybe helping out a bit.

PS I must add:
- I'm working on the drinking problem and trying to eat good and organic - but at least enough food. How it's working out tho i can't really tell.
- Everybody keeps saying there is no problem and i've still got all my hair, but i do notice like 200 hairs a day or just need to strike my fingers through my now thin weak hair and their coming off like they were never stuck there.
- And the story might make me look like a complete dirtbag but i assure you my teeth are white (and gold lol) and the kitchen clean so dont get it twist up heheh ;)

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11-07-2015, 05:41 AM
some pictures here that might always help.

first april 2015 never would of thought of balding.. dont mind the blonde layer it's dust from working.

second end of may also still had a full head of thick strong hair and perfect hairline

now today, way lighter weaker and less then before (just need to touch my head and i see hairs falling down)

11-12-2015, 01:15 AM
Might be an idea to say that if you google about these parasites, it seems that 70% - 80% of all human beings in the UK actually have these.

So i understand its a bit nasty to read or comment on, its nothing special and theres a huge chance that uve got these as well. It might be that theres a cause/trigger for MPB we are all over seeing for to long.

11-12-2015, 09:20 AM
When our body has a vitamin defecincy, the 1st thing that is cut off by the body is hair. The body doesn't need hair to survive so the little nutrition it has available goes to vital parts.
You might want to take your doctors advice and take those supplements.

11-12-2015, 05:03 PM
Correct, but does that trigger MPB or causes diffuse hair-loss ?

And people i know it all sounds a little weird and all (man i'd never even tought i'd need to do research about these ****ers and if i did id need to throw up) but it might very well just be a cause/problem that's overseen on a very large scale. Just trying to think logical and did a little research. Maybe some of you balding men notice signs of parasites, iron or zinc deffiency etc. but don't know they are while meantime one of these problems are causing/speeding up the balding process.

There isnt many information about this but i have a strong feeling their related since the signs both came at once (long red worm in toilet bowl after not flushin for 12-24 hrs & hair loss). A lot of people have them (so also a lot of -maybe unnescesary- balding) people but some have a bigger amount or like me; dont eat much healthy foods and drink a lot of alcohol - which feeds them and unfeeds your body, which at one point could case AGA.

Togehter with the parasites and hairloss subjects i found that iron deffiency causes as well hair loss as dark stripes inside your nail. Since a year or something ive got 2 nails with a brownish vertical line in it.

Since 4 days i started Vitamin-D 25 mcg and Biotin 1000 mcg a day (especially black/colored people need a much higher intake of vit-d). Both Organic. Must say i feel a LOT better in terms of energy and talking with people but for the hair it does nothing. I think its because the biotin might be helping the hair and nails, but the follicles are dieing anyway so it might even speed up the balding process.

11-12-2015, 06:52 PM
Hair takes a LONG time to grow man... you are talking about .5" a month if you're lucky. You need to be patient. In terms of whatever you are suffering from, one thing I definitely know about is telogen effluvium. Listen, whenever there is ANY serious trauma to your body, your body stops caring about your hair. To your body your hair is "useless"... it will "shut down" a larger than normal amount of follicles so that it can provide nutrients and blood to the area of trauma. Women that give birth often experience this. I had surgery and I got it. You may start a serious medication and get it... you lose a larger amount of hair then normal and it can become noticeable as diffuse thinning. This even usually occurs 3-4 months AFTER the trauma is induced. IF you DON'T FIX IT, it can continue to happen. Get your nutrition in order... go see a doc about the potential parasites and it should resolve itself. Telogen effluvium is "self correcting" meaning that, if the insult is removed, your hair will return to it's normal cycle and hopefully grow back.

11-22-2015, 07:56 AM
James, thanks for the reply but why do you know its tellogen effluvium? I do got to say my hair overall got softer and dryer and on the sides its clearly thinned out, but they dont come out as easily as on top. Also my crown has started balding.

Yet again i am for a 75% sure that the parasite infection together with the nutrition difinciency is the main cause of my hair loss. It doesnt stop falling out and i have other complaints such as stool problems, constant tiredness etc etc for about the same time as my hair loss started.

And to be honest i think there may be more people on this site with the same problem as you might think or expect. Google it and you'll see. Unexplainable hair loss isnt always a matter of genes suddenly kicking in.


And google "parasites hair loss".

Think if you had any symptoms paired with the 'aga' or hair loss/thinning.