View Full Version : BCAA & Pre-Workouts without Creatine

11-05-2015, 04:17 PM
I've read some other posts and have had decent experience with BCAA supplements for weight loss and hair maintenance. I like to try and stay in decent shape and the older I get (30) the harder it is. So, when I try and shed down the LBs I use a fat burner. They usually have BCAAs/Caffeine and the like. I don't take Creatine as I know it contributes to more hair loss.

My main question is:
Will supplementing BCAAs or L- Carnitine and protein shakes induce more loss? I recently went through a divorce with the Devil... I mean my wife and I've had a ton of depression/stress so I've been getting in really good shape... However I'm also noticing my crown is starting to take a decent hit. I don't know if it's from the supplements or the stress and also being 30 going into the fall/winter months.

I don't really lift much, because I can't take fin from sides and don't want to increase DHT. So I basically do long cardio with some push-ups/sit-ups.

I have read before that BCAAs are good for hair loss/can help. Hell, a few years ago I jumped on the TRX2 supplement with Vit C and MSM band wagon and I think it really did help with maintenance. Not much of any new growth tho. Was on for about 7-8 months. It just became a hassle with shipping/price for "hair vitamins"

If anyone could /toss me some truth about anything like that it would be much appreciated.

I saw the protein shakes at helphair.com you can buy made by a Transplant Doctor to have better ingredients... But it still has BCAAs in it, when he says they increase DHT. When I used the one fat burner a few years ago I think my hair looked better then ever. I don't understand.

Current regimen : Viviscal man, Vit C, biotin, Minox, Cedar wood oil, Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Regenpure Keto, Laser Comb, Dermaroller 1.5mm. And the fat burner supplements/protein shakes.