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11-05-2015, 09:47 AM
The start:

After countless disappointments in price of some the Australian surgeons and unimpressive results ( i think this is due to clients asking for low grafts due to the price of the grafts). I started to look for doctors overseas And after searching and reading reviews I had come across Dr Tejinder Bhatti A brilliant doctor with vast knowledge of the hair-loss world with his extensive knowledge he was able to teach me the process of what he goes through when performing his surgery including a background teaching of how hair follicles work. Dr. Bhatti is very patient and friendly and is very concerned for your well being and is happy to answer any questions and is quite fast in his replies if asked by phone or email.The nurses and other surgeons are also very intelligent in their knowledge of hair transplants and are trained by Dr Bhatti.

My journey:

When I found Dr. Bhatti's site I called up and also sent a few emails just to get some information he was fast with his replies by email and was very well mannered and informative. So i called up and discussed my issues and then was convinced i made the right choice so we set the date and went ahead and booked the tickets which brought me to New Delhi I stayed about 4-5 days in Delhi and loved it, it was like and adventure I explored the streets ate at beautiful resturants with interesting foods that were so delicious the locals were very nice and more than happy to help and then of course visited the popular tourists spots.

Then from New Delhi took the train to Chandigarh where I was picked up by a very nice driver who took me straight to my hotel. The hotel was great everything was lavish and the service was excellent. I explored a bit of Chadingar and was impressed by the large number of shops and they even had a brand new shopping mall just built with major international brands and again the locals and food were excellent.
Then came time for the surgery i was both excited and anxious but with some reassurance and the thought of my new hair i was able to overcome the anxiety and get on with it.

The night before the surgery i ate a healthy meal and had a relaxing warm shower to calm the anxiety then went to sleep. As morning came i got up had a shower (cleaning my hair with antiseptic shampoo) prepared my self then out the door where i was greeted by my driver sent from Bhatti then was taken to darling buds clinic.

When i first arrived i was greeted by a very nice woman i felt very welcome and everything was delt with in a very professional manner i also had to fill out a form with some of my medical history and allergies, every one seemed very nice and was happy to help with anything i needed (the english was very good) i was offered a beverage then was taken into an office where i finally got to meet Bhatti and after about 10 min of chatting i instantly felt at ease and was obviously in good hands we went through the surgery process of what was going to happen and what concerns i had about my hair in which he drew on my scalp to plan the design of where the grafts will go, we both agreed 3,000 grafts was best and once everything was agreed upon it was time for preparation.

i was given clinical garments and was asked to change.Blood tests were taken to make sure everything was ok once every thing was cleared i was taken into another room by nurses where they washed my hair with special antiseptic shampoo making sure my scalp was well prepped for surgery at this point i might ad that i was feeling a bit anxious but the friendly nurses helped me feel relaxed.

I was then taken into the surgery room where everything was layed out and prepared for the surgery everything looked very clean and was assured everything had been sterilised after another chat with Bhatti, then it began the anstesia was administered to numb the scalp there was only a small pinch feeling then everything was numb and ready for the grafts to be extracted.I should mention at this point there was a bit of an issue of me feeling sick and dizzy after the administration not sure if this was due to allergic reaction or due to dehydration due to me not drinking much we assumed it was dehydration. Every one was very cautions and knew what to do they kept making sure if I was ok then I was given fluids and felt much better so make sure you have enough fluids!.

Then it was time to harvest the grafts i was laid out on the table with my face down and again the nurses and Bhatti were asking if i was ok and i felt fine, then he started i only felt a slight pressure but nothing really painful then once the grafts were taken out they were put in petri dishes (forgot exactly how many hours it took but guessing it 8-10 hours since i started in the morning and finished around 6pm) again i was asked if i was doing ok and assured me everything was going well.

There was a short break then it was time to administer the grafts to their new location and use to the numbing i didn't feel a thing i actually slept for a little bit and when i woken almost half the graft were already in and i was assured everything was going well with no pain.

Success! The surgery was complete Bhatti seemed happy along with other nurses i felt completely
fine with hardly any pain i was given a care packaging with series of pills to take and products to help my scalp and was also given a step by step care guide on what to do to help my scalp post recovery.

The scalp was cleaned up and ointmnet and gores were applied to my scalp to prevent infection and help with the very minor bleeding and to protect the grafts.

After talking with Bhatti again we we set another date to have a check up which was about 7 days later and he was confident and pleased with the outcome.

During my time in India i visited many places and travelled to other cities it was like exploring another world i went to places like Jaipur which was known for it's many precious gems and was able to visit the amazing Jantar Mantar observatory ( my favourite place in Jaipur) and of course i also visited the city Agra to see the Taj Mahal this was truly amazing there were many more place i visited and amazing people i have met along the way even making a few friends i will add some photos of the places i visited so you can see how beautiful and different this country is.

I found the whole experience life changing seeing a different country to my own having surgery done far from home has pushed me outside my comfort zone but due to this i have come back feeling stronger feeling that i have accomplished something not only due to getting my hair back but gaining new knowledge about life.

Post Op Recovery:
Day 1

After my surgery i was very cautious and disciplined in my hair care routine Bhatti had planned for me the . the first night after surgery i was given a saline solution that i had to keep spraying on my scalp to help make sure there are no infections and to keep the grafts healthy i had to sleep up right due to swelling which is completely normal and also when sleeping up right your less likely to bump your new grafts.

Day 2

I noticed some scabbing this is also normal i was told again to use the saline solution to clean my scalp at this point i still wasn't allowed to touch my grafts and i was still very cautious also making sure to take my antibiotics. There is no pain of discomfort at this point. Also at this time after carefully shampooing the back of my head with baby shampoo i would apply Aloe Vera gel only on the back of my scalp i done this for the next 2 weeks.

Day 3

Still some scabbing little bit of an itch which i did not scratch as you are still not allowed to touch the scalp at this point i would like to note that it takes about 9 days for grafts to fully anchor to your scalp but i would recommend a full 2 weeks but basically after the first week they are quite secure its just better to take extra precaution. I still used the saline solution to clean the scalp.

Day 4

Still some minor scabbing no discomfort and continuing using the saline solution and taking my antibiotics.

Day 5

It was time to clean a bit of the scabs and was sure to be very careful i done this by gently massaging my scalp with baby shampoo and very very lightly made circular motions with the tips of my fingers to get rid of any already loose scabs if there are scabs that won't move please just leave them they will come off on their own.

The Waiting Game:

Now that the critical few days have past it was just about patience an waiting its best not to keep looking in the mirror and obsessing at this point as hair growth is a slow process so its best to look for change about every 2 - 4 weeks. Usually after most hair transplant surgeries the hair falls out and grows back in a few months and in a years time all the transplanted hair should have grown with continued improvement in the following year but strangly mine some grafts did not fall out but continued to grow since the surgery. I started to take hair supplements and made sure i had a healthy diet to ensure the health and continued growth of my hair.

I will also like to note that i will be geting a second surgery done with Dr Bhatti and will let you all know how it goes and will post even more photo's.

If any of you have any questions please feel free to message me on here :)