View Full Version : New guy looking for some advice and suggestions

11-04-2015, 06:38 PM
A little bit about me, I'm 45 and have had mild recession for a few years but recently have noticed the recession picked up quite a bit and have thinning on top for the first time that I can see. My crown appears to be o.k. for the time being.

What I need some advice on and have concerns about; I feel like my thinning on top and recession has sped up quite a bit. I never really noticed it until recently and someone asked me a few months ago at the beach what happened to my hair and why it looked like it was falling out.

I have a constant pain, burn, itch in my scalp that is driving me MAD!!! I've had seborrhea for years and have taken T-gel for that, but this new scalp itch is different and not sure how to treat that. I've never used anything other than cheap drugstore shampoo and realize now that I have to step it up.

Do I need to see a hair loss specialist for an assessment or will a regular derm suffice? I live in NYC so there are quite a few hair specialists that I can visit.

I still have a good amount of hair on my head now, and would be ok if I could maintain and thicken why I have. I realize I'm 45 and a little recession is normal, I just worry about what I believe is the rapid on set of advanced thinning.

I apologize for the long post, just have a lot of questions. Any insight would be much appreciated.