View Full Version : 22 already depressed and now balding

11-02-2015, 06:47 PM
My problems started at puberty when I got pubertal gynocomastia, this affected me so much you have no idea. I didn't have the full on man boobs but puffy nipples and the hard lump underneath. Also have shit all around in the chest area which is something I have been meaning to fix at some point in my life. But this problem honestly pales in comparison to my early balding. I have nothing going for me, gyno, skinny af, scoliosis (although not extreme or anything) and now my hair.
The feelings you get from all these conditions are very similar but this is different as something is being taken from me.

I have also been very isolated as I failed school and could not continue with education or get a job. I have been very depressed for the last 3 years barely going out at all and my routine was eat > sleep > computer aaand repeat.

My mother took my internet away at this point and I now had nothing. She compromised and said I would get internet if I attended school to complement my grades and that is what I did. For a while things actually really improved for me. It wasn't stressful or hard and I got to meet people and made friends. Even bonded with a girl in the same class and we spent a lot of time together studying math and eating and talking. After a year I was really happy for the first time in a long time when I completed the school with the start of a possible future I had earlier given up on. But then after much denial I realising I was balding... I cannot even express in words how defeated I am. I am now convinced I will never be happy, never get to experience a relationship which is what I have dreamed of my entire life. (might seem silly to most of you)
I just want to be happy but I can't.

I have been to the doctor and they checked my blood and everything was normal, and I am also too scared to take finasteride because of the sides and what could happen since I already have gyno?

11-10-2015, 02:17 PM
I relate a lot to your "I am now convinced I will never be happy"... My story isn't like your, but it feels like EVERY TIME I'm actually starting to be happy, something happens to shut me down...

Hair loss right now is what's shutting me down just like you. I was going to the gym, was in good shape, had no trouble with women... Now I feel like an old guy, no conviction to do anything, finding excuses to not see my friends or family... This shit is so unfair. I can't even look at someone in the eyes for too long before I feel anxious about them noticing my hair.

Hang in there, check with a doctor for finasteride if you're not strong enough for the moment to think positively about balding or whatever.. That's what I did and I'm one month in, not feeling any big side effect except SOME TIMES an almost unnoticeable testicle tension.