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11-02-2015, 04:01 AM
Hi All

Would just like to share my experience I had with Dr Lindsey in Washington.
It all started with Spex sending me a e-mail saying they were coming to London for consultations and would I be interested.

By the time I replied all the places were taken but I got a cancellation slot and travelled down from Aberdeen for the appointment. I got there early and met Dr. Lindsey and Dr.Feller.

After discussion I had made up my mind that Dr. Lindsey was the one for me, he just gave me a good feeling about it and did not promise me the world. He just told me the truth and that is all you can ask when it comes to this.

Went out to Washington and met up with Dr.Lindsey the day before the HT. He was very thorough in his explanation as to what could be achieved.

The HT went well we got about 3400 grafts. There was no pain but I chose to sleep sitting up until the stitches came out a week later which can be uncomfortable.

Had a great week in Washington - saw all the sights and saw Dr Lindsey 3 more times that week which was great as it helped to have Wendy check things out and clean it up as required.

Would I recommend Dr. Lindsey? - yes very much so, in my opinion he is very genuine and honest in his assessment on what he can do and you cannot ask for anymore than that. 4258542586425874258842589