View Full Version : lightning makes my hair look so diffrent, its depressing

10-30-2015, 10:02 PM
Hi guys,

dont like to be here but it is what it is,
25 and dealing with hair loss is like a ****ing curse.
im on 1.25mg finasteride daily for 6 months, and minoxidil for 13 months..
I have shed like crazy and I normally dont lose or notice hair loss at all before treatments, but I always have had thin hair, not so thin in my early teens but around my mid teens I had thin hair but I was pretty much in denail about it untill a copple years ago when I went for a shorter cut and noticed my thinning crown.

Thats the moment I decided to do something about it, and I started minoxidil at first and a low dose finasteride a few times per week.

When I started minoxidil I shed like mad, but I did continue because I read its a good sign, but I dont know. The hairs indeed grew back but not so thick, probbably even more thin and without alot of color.

I bite the bullet a copple months ago and went for full finasteride dose daily.
When I look in the mirror these days im pretty happy with the results of a full head of hair ( had to dye my hair in same color to make these minoxidil hair stand out more)

But, and this is a big but.. in harsh lighting all these hairs just disappear and make me look more bald than baseline which sucks a lot.

The diffrence is huge and its these moments that make me come here and ask for some advice because it just makes me depressed about my hair loss situation
I just need some encouraging words from people who go trough the same bullshit so I dont give up this fight.

is it worth it? because I dont know, If these hair get thicker a bit more it sure is because when I go tru my hair with my hands its the best density I have had in a decade but in harsh light its just a joke.

I am going to post some pictures so you know what im talking about,..

the pictures where taken with my phone on the same moment, in normal room lighning and the bad ones are in front of a brigh screen, i mean wow what a diffrence :(

11-03-2015, 01:14 PM
That's why you have to take comparison pictures in the same lighting every time. I take mine in the harshest lighting so that I'm not fooling myself. It's going to look a lot better in normal lighting to the people around you than it looks in your comparison photos, so don't get too depressed about it.

11-05-2015, 02:05 PM
Yeah you are right but its just wierd, in outside lightning even in the sun it does not look as bad as a bright light, some days i think it looks good and im happy but on other days i feel like shit because its so see tru.
I am considering a conceler but i have no experience with any of them
Any tips?