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02-05-2010, 03:42 PM
This is an interesting case. In March of 2008 this patient came into our office to have Dr. Hasson begin corrective procedures. Turns out, he went to India to visit family in 2007 and decided to investigate the local hair transplant opportunities. A local doctor told him about FUE and the patient decided to move forward with a procedure.

When he returned to Vancouver and the results matured he decided to let Dr. Hasson review his case and make recommendations. The hairline that was placed previously was much too low and the previous doctor has attempted to close off the temples. The grafts were angled improperly and were much larger than they should have been leading to the extremely pluggy look you see in the photos. Dr. Hasson recommended graft removal in two sessions then to follow up with a proper hair transplant procedure to rebuild a new hairline as much from scratch as possible.

A couple of notes about this case. First, it is obvious that the previous physician used a rather large punch on this patient, at least 1.2mm in our estimation. Second, it should be noted that repair cases cannot always be addressed in one session. This case shows that sometimes a multi-stage approach is the only way to properly address the needs of the patient but with the right amount of time and PATIENCE a cosmetically acceptable result can be achieved.