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10-24-2015, 10:20 AM
Last year I bought a packet of dutasteride (spanish:avidart) over the counter in spanish chemist. Cost about 30 euros

This year I bought 3 packets of genuine Merck (chibret) Proscar for 9 euros a pack! lol. Each pack containing 28 5MG tablets.

I've just saved myself about 600 a year, been buying 28 merck propecia for 45-50 a pack on private prescription over here in England....

10-25-2015, 04:59 PM
Do you live there or do you plan to bring them out of Spain with you? Do you think that is going to be a problem? ( Ill be in Barcelona next week and I was thinking of bringing some back to the UK when I leave.)

Also, do you just cut them up? I only want to take 0.5 mg a day. Would it be easy to cut the tablet down further or would it be better to buy 1mg tablets and cut them?

Are the 1mg tablets available there and what is their brand name?


10-26-2015, 01:41 PM
No, I don't live in Spain, just a holiday. I live in England.

Whilst fin and dut are prescription only meds here in the UK, you can bring any POM back with you, as long as it's not a controlled substance (class A, B, C). You can actually get diazepam and codeine over the counter without prescription over in spain, but if you tried to bring them back with you that might be a problem if you were searched and didn't have a valid prescription for them, since those drugs are both class C.

And yes, I cut them into 4 and take 1.25mg every other day. It's a little tricky, but you can cut a proscar into 5:


You can buy the propecia over the counter as well, I think. But I bet they aren't 9 Euro! (more like 30, but I don't actually know).

If you want, you could get the generics (non brand name) tablets there possibly. normal shaped tablets that are easy to split, or 1mg tablets that are much cheaper than propecia.

I prefer the real merck brand name fin, since I don't trust the consistency of some generic cooked up in india etc (I'm not saying they aren't good, I just think you might as well get the real brand name proscar, since it works out very cheap when you're taking 1mg every other day)