View Full Version : I'm scared to start Propecia because of cancer risk

10-23-2015, 02:22 PM
I have my propecia and rogaine prescription right here but I'm scared to start Propecia because it apparently raises risk of prostate cancer risk.

My grandfather died of lung cancer a month ago and when I'd go see him in the hospital... It was like death. The whole hospice division had cancer and it was just awful. I don't want that to happen to me.

I'm only 22 and I feel like I'm being irrational. my derm even said not to worry and that if anything the bigger risk is sexual dysfunction but even that is an extremely low risk but it just scares me

ugh I do not know what to do.

10-24-2015, 12:23 AM
I believe most experts have found it actually doesn't raise prostate cancer risk. It just makes it easier to find cancers that are already there.

What happens is that finasteride does shrink your prostate to some degree over time. This is what the 5mg version Proscar is designed to do, to help men who have enlarged prostates and therefore have problems urinating.

Once the prostate is smaller, it becomes easier for doctors to find cancer in the prostate. So the rates of diagnosing prostate cancer go up somewhat, but that's only because they can actually find more cancers in smaller prostates.

Think of...sticking some rocks in the center of a pillow, some in big pillows and some in small pillows. If the pillow is a big pillow, you'll have a harder time feeling for the rocks inside. But if the pillow is smaller and thinner, it is easier to feel the rocks inside.

Doctors were feeling more rocks and originally thought the finasteride was causing the rocks. But the finasteride was really just turning big pillows into smaller pillows, making it easier to find the rocks that were already there for some people. It wasn't creating those rocks.

I hope this helps. Taking finasteride and minoxidil is up to you. I made the decision now 6 years ago...sheesh! But it has worked fantastically for me and I have not had any side effects. I would be very bald by now if I did not take it but instead, I now have hair! But time is of the essence and if you are going bald, it is essential that you start early. Once hair is too far down the road of miniaturization (shrinking/thinning), then it becomes more difficult and often impossible to bring it back to life through the use of these two drugs. So the sooner the better!

Best of luck!

10-24-2015, 05:09 PM
Part of cancer is pure luck. You could get cancer regardless of what you ever do. I dont think fin really made any major difference in cancer risk it was pretty close to placebo in almost everything. Even gyno was like 1 or 2 cases out of the many hundreds of people in the study. Really though no one knows hardly anything about a lot of this. Its mostly people even doctors just guessing.