View Full Version : Dr. Lupanzula FUE/Burn Victim with 3765 grafts, A Pleasurable Outcome

Medikemos Clinic
10-23-2015, 02:05 PM
The following patient presented with severe 3rd degree burns that resulted from a gas explosion as a child.

Dr. Lupanzula says, "It is this type of injury that first piqued my interest in surgical hair restoration over ten years ago. To see the positive change this made for the patient makes cases like these extra special and pleasurable to work on."

Video was shot in Brussels at Medikemos Clinic with a Nikon DSLR in full high definition. The hair is combed from multiple angles for your detailed inspection.

Note: It is important to watch the video through to the end to understand the full transition.

Of particular note is the yield in this case. The general idea with many hair transplant clinics is that severe and deep scar tissue such as that found in burn cases is so avascular that graft placement must be performed in a very low density fashion. At Medikemos clinic we have found that this is not such an issue. A more cautious approach is necessary but it is easy to see in the immediate post-operative photos that a moderate density can be safely established which makes for a good starting point for a subsequent follow up procedure to establish what is considered to be a cosmetically acceptable density under any circumstance.

If you have any questions about this result please don't hesitate to ask.


Breaking Bald
10-26-2015, 10:38 AM
Amazing result, it must have changed the patients life! Good job.

Medikemos Clinic
10-27-2015, 12:10 PM
Amazing result, it must have changed the patients life! Good job.

Hello Breaking Bald,

Thank you for your comments. Indeed, the patient's life has in fact been changed for the better. Every positive outcome is a great joy to see but it is seeing cases like this that adds a bit more joy to our day;)