View Full Version : A hairloss mystery

Not giving up
10-22-2015, 02:17 PM
I've been dealing with hairloss since March this year. It's been pretty rapid and I've thinned significantly.
i experienced a lot of shedding, and although that slowed drastically, my hair continued to be weak, britle and thin. I've neglected treatment through fear of fin, although I do intend to start soon.

Anyway, the mystery, and more so, my question. I started using 5%minox liquid on my face. Ive been trying to fill my facial hair in as I just turned 25 and still have a few patches missing.
Anyway, I'm 3 weeks into the experiment today. My existing facial hair has become very dark and terminal, and vellus hair has started to sprout in the patches which is perfect.

My question, could this effect my hair if it goes systematic? My shedding has seemingly increased again out of no where, quite dramatically, and my hair on my head, the weak and thin hair that is normally see through under certain lights appears thicker and denser.

Could it be my hair is responding all over my body, including my head?