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10-21-2015, 04:00 PM
Hi all,

Just wanted to post my 6 week post op pictures compared to pre op and directly after op. Lats 3 pics is 6 week post op - both temples and the centre area.

Questions I have:

1. Is itch in one small spot a concern? It doesn't always itch but when it does I have to scratch it. Seems to be on top of a small pimple
2. I lost A LOT more hair than pre op...I guess I'm going through shock loss. Is this an issue?
3. I don't see any follicle 'holes'...or are not all of them obvious to the naked eye (under high res)?
4. As you can see I have a huge contrast between the frontal area and the rest of my head. What kind of haircut is best....or is there any concealer I should use to cover this bald area now?

Thanks :)


10-21-2015, 06:24 PM
It seems you got a hair transplant in an area where there was TON of native hair? It may grow back it may not, to be honest. Which doctor performed this?

10-21-2015, 06:37 PM
Hey James,

Actually, there's quite a bit of asymmetrical thinning in the middle area (can see light going through the hair on the left side of the Mohawk hairstyle); my right temple is gone and my left temple have very thin hair that looks like it was going to go. The clinic told me only a small portion in the centre area have strong hair that will last long but the rest will probably fall off in maybe 2 years given the rate of my hair loss. So they recommended to dense up the middle as well, on top of the temples (not going for a full hairline restoration as I want to reserve hair for the crown and am looking for density).

I'm going to avoid posting doctor's name until final results come out so I can get an objective feedback from the community...hopefully you can provide me with some insight to my questions :D

10-22-2015, 12:59 PM
Well, to be perfectly honest, my honest insight and experience will probably frighten you, but understand that I am NOT a doctor and I will only tell you my personal experience. I had hair with density similar to yours, except no receding. I got a small hair transplant of about 900 hairs in just one area, in the left hair line and towards the middle. Within 9 months, almost all my native hair was gone and still has not returned, and now it's two years later. Are you on finasteride and minoxidil? I hope so, that will give your hair a fighting shot at regrowth. I had almost a full head of hair before getting a transplant and it has completely ruined my hair. I am NOT trying to scare you, every one's case is different. I just know for fact when men with MPB experience a trauma that causes them to lose hair rapidly, there is a strong chance a lot of that hair may not regrow and if it does, not to it's previous full, terminal state.