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02-04-2010, 11:25 AM
Corrective Hair Transplantation after 2 procedures: one FUT and one FUE

We have all gotten used to seeing excellent hair restoration outcomes from members of the IAHRS. Excellent outcomes are not always the norm. This young man had hair transplants done abroad in Costa Rica and an FUE done in the US. He came to see me for help to make it more natural and undetectable. The problem areas were: 1. poor angulation and direction; 2. grafts into the Frontal-Temporal forehead; 3. see through with thin coverage throughout the whole top of the scalp; 4. donor harvested from too low resulting in a widen low lying scar.

We performed a 2526 FUT procedure to soften the plug-like look and decrease the see-through, increase the density of the hair line to mid-scalp area. FUE was employed to remove the grafts in the frontal-temporal forehead. FUE was again employed to transplant chest to scalp scar in an effort to hide the wide scar from his prior procedures.

2526 FUT:
354 1hair
1162 2hair
1010 3hair

Result photos are 6 months post procedure.

As Written by Dr. Arocha
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