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Biltmore Hair Restoration
10-19-2015, 11:54 PM
Post made by a patient which they are happy to have shared here :


Hello all,

I am a transgender patient of Dr. Scott Alexander's in Phoenix, Arizona and have started my transformation from male to female.

I have just received 2666 Grafts via strip method by Dr. Scott Alexander and I am thrilled with the results of the surgery so far. I am also completely satisfied with the way I was treated by the staff. The entire team has been so incredibly supportive and accommodating. I wanted to thank them and Dr. Alexander here, in order to inform as many other hair loss patients as possible as to what an incredibly kind and patient doctor he is. Dr. Alexander is highly recommended here and also by word of mouth, which is how I found out about him. A friend of mine, who was treated by Dr. Alexander years ago, is very satisfied with his results and recommended him to me. I am very grateful for the recommendation and would like to pay it forward. I have added my pictures below to help you see what I have had done.

My plan which Dr Alexander and I have formed together is I will be receiving another hair transplant surgery in approximately one year. I look forward to sharing my updates here so you can all advise me and watch my hairy transformation.

Thank you everyone at The Biltmore Surgical Hair clinic as you have made my journey so much easier and I can not wait to show everyone my new hair!!!

Best Wishes