View Full Version : Diffuse thinning - suggestions/shared experiences?

10-19-2015, 01:58 PM
Hey guys, I've posted once on here before when I wasn't quite sure what my situation was yet. That was in early August when my hair was thinning but wasn't quite noticeable. I was scheduled to see a dermatologist in September. I went and they weren't very helpful at all! They barely checked my scalp and they weren't sure what it was....plus they never got back to me about seeing a doctor to get my testorone levels checked!....so I feel like I got screwed. (Note - to anyone else my hair loss might not be that noticeable but to me I can feel my scalp more than ever when I run my hand through my hair. And when sunlight hits it directly you can totally see the front of my scalp.)

After conducting my own research the past couple months, I have a hunch that I'm a diffuse thinner. I'm 25 and had a really thick head of hair until I noticed a small spot start to get thin right in the front top of my scalp. Not much recession with the temples. That was in March 2015. Ever since then the texture of my hair has changed DRAMATICALLY. It is so incredibly dry I can't run my hands through it when it's wet. It's frizzy and goes in all different directions with the wind. The thinning has spread to the point where when the sun hits my head you can see a lot of my scalp in the front. I've experienced a lot more shedding the last few weeks. My hair doesn't grow much at all in the front and I've been leaving it long on purpose because I'm afraid that when I cut it you'll be able to notice it even more. Anyways, I started Rogaine a few weeks ago and I just asked my primary doctor about Propecia. What else can I do? I looked into Avodart but I feel like I might get scammed buying fake stuff online.

Has anyone ever had a similar experience with diffuse thinning??? I feel like if it continues at the rate I'm going I'll be bald on the top in less than a year. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!