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10-17-2015, 10:23 PM
Hey guys figured I would come here to ask this simple yet complicated question.... Am I balding. Some details about me I'm 19 turning 20 in a couple months and I've notice a great amount of hairdos lately. I've mostly been noticing a very itchy scalp and when I itch it just stay itchy with a build up of skin and multiple hairs falling out when I itch. But it's especially bad in the shower, when I shampoo I will loose probably close to 40-50 hairs just in the shower alone. I know they say the you can lose up to 100 hairs a day thing, but this just seems excessive. Any help is great I've been on Nizoral for my itchy scalp but that's about it
Also my dad is bald, my older brother has shown no hair loss symptoms. Also what is the difference between a maturing hairline and balding

Thank you guys in advance! 422934229442295.

10-18-2015, 10:06 AM
Hello Goats1996 and WELCOME to this great hairloss forum!

Goat' I will be very honest with you on this.
(ive been a member here for over 5 years now)
Im here mostly now to try to HELP especially the YOUNG men here.

At the beginning of my membership here, I was looking to see what I could do to improve my hairloss.
I was given good advice but overall, I am ACCEPTING of what is in my life.
I will not ALLOW my hairloss to ruin my life...that is COMMON-SENSE.
Your photos show a VERY GOOD head of hair.
There is no signs as yet of hair loss on you! Lucky you!!
You yourself might be seeing a change in your hairline BUT, it could ONLY BE a maturing of your hair.
A Maturing hairline happens to most men once you get past your teen years.

Now, who knows, you may experience hair loss later on BUT, you must stay very positive and do NOT WORRY or become stressed out over the possibilities.
Honestly speaking, stress can and would CAUSE a percentage of hairloss too.
I know that from EXPERIENCE.
Your a good looking young man with a good head of hair.

I would suggest that you begin taking the multi-vitamin, Biotin.
Biotin has been proven to IMPROVE ones hair.
Look it up online bro.
Stay in touch --Cheers

10-18-2015, 11:25 AM
The losing 50 hair in the shower might be a big sign. When I first posted on this forum, that was what was happening to me. When I shampooed my hair there was a lot of hair all over my hand. My hair was still thick and I could grow it out (but my hairline was receded).

Around 1 - 2 years later my hair was thin all around and now I have to shave it.

You should probably go to a doctor to make sure. I never thought my hair was going to thin like that.

10-18-2015, 11:32 PM
Thanks for the long reply, I was always just hoping it was a maturing hair line, but once it started to itch and I saw hair loss it started to freak me out. Now adding with the itch I do get the occasional like pimple bumps on my scalp, I was thinking about adding tea tree oil to my Nizoral to help stop the bumps and itchiness

And thank you also, I figured if I wait a little more if I see any more receding I will go get it checked out but for now I will stick with the IM to young to be bald