View Full Version : Long time thinning, first time action... Please help

10-17-2015, 03:36 AM
Hello forum members,

I will be turning 34 next month and my hair has been noticeably receeding and thinning since my early 20's. Just now taking the plunge to medical treatment (not certain why I waited so long... denial perhaps) and have been overwhelmed by the myriad of options available. I am currently deployed and won't return to the states for another 6 months. Medical here is limited and was told I would need a dermatologist consult before Propecia could be prescribed. All they can offer is Rogaine. Consequently, I went online and in a panic for results ordered 9 packs (270 pills) of Dr. Reddy's Dutas. I am on my 5th day at 0.5mg ED. However, additional research has left me concerned that Finasteride would have been a better alternative. To this end, I now have Finpecia on the way in a couple weeks and wondered if I should continue to take 0.5mg Dutasteride ED and then switch to 1.0mg Finasteride ED once received. I will attempt to post some pics if that helps. All I know is lately I've been losing more hair and my goal is to stop future loss and if possible, thicken and regrow as much as my genetics will allow. I'm under the impression that starting with Dutasteride may be more beneficial early on but as time goes by I wouldn't have the ability to become more aggressive with treatment if I build a tolerance. Starting with Finasteride 1.0mg enables one to have the latitude to increase dosage or transition to the more potent Dutasteride. Please advise if I'm on track here.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to contributing to this forum in the future. For now, any guidance from the more experienced members here is greatly appreciated.

Warm Regards,