View Full Version : The Best Hair Regrowth Products on the Planet (IMHO)

02-04-2010, 02:19 AM
My current regime
******* 15% Plus

alternating daily with

******* 5% Plus

Spirolactone liquid spray before applying *******

Dutasteride capsules 1 mg daily

Revivogen shampoo daily, Nizoral 2% shampoo every 4-5 days

Scalproller (on temples) daily

I'd actually be extremely surprised if you don't regrow at least some hair (including possibly some frontal hair) within 4-6 months using this regime. In fact, I dare anyone to test me on this. :)

02-04-2010, 04:28 PM
whats the scalp roller? does it actually work?

02-04-2010, 05:07 PM
It just increases penetration of the minoxidil by 5x. (which is why it is particularly useful for assisting in promoting frontal hair growth, where the scalp tends to be thicker and historically more difficult to grow hair here)




Similar devices have been used to assist in removal of cellulite, scar marks,wrinkles, stretch marks by increasing absorption and stimulating collagen.


So yes, it does work. (IMHO) ;) (and yes, I have regrown back frontal hair (mostly at the widows peak region on both sides))

note: The scalproller I use is from Nanogen.

02-04-2010, 05:15 PM
i apologize...i know nothing about the scalp roller....how much do they normally cost and how long do they last? im assuming 1 doesnt last forever.

02-04-2010, 06:09 PM
This gives explanation to your questions: :)


Usually its about 6 months usage.

Honestly though, the key element in the hair growth though is the ******* 15% Plus and ******* 5% Plus which contain topical finasteride (and minoxidil). The scalproller just supercharges the effects.