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10-14-2015, 05:05 AM
My hairline is beginning to recede. I'm entering panic mode. I'm sure it still has more to recede. So I was curious.

If I got FUE hair transplant early on... won't the hairline keep receding? And in the end I'll have like a row of hair in the front of my head, then some baldness, and then more hair in the back?

And how much the cost of FUE hair transplant in China? I was browsing in google and found it on a medical tourism company which is the Wales International Medical Center. any reviews? this is the website: http://www.placidway.com/package/1749/Wales-Effective-FUE-Hair-Transplant-in-China

10-14-2015, 06:18 AM
Hi Cindi,

Are you male or female? The procedure of hair transplantation is not the same as hair loss prevention. Surgery only replaces what you have lost, it does not prevent you from losing more hair. Only medication can prevent further loss.

The website you pointed to specifically states that the procedure is 3.00 USD per "unit" so the cost is already mentioned. I highly doubt you will find any reviews unless they come from new posters that will sign up to specifically for the purpose of reviewing the place you ask about which in and of itself would be highly convenient if not suspicious.

10-16-2015, 04:14 AM
Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is one of the methods for getting giver hair for hair transplantation Donor Site: The Savings and Loan of Hair Transplantation. FUE is a system Hair Follicular Units that requires more aptitude from the doctor hair rebuilding pro and more cost from the patient than the procedure of strip reaping (evacuation of a portion of scalp tissue bearing many follicular units). It is likewise a procedure with potential advantage for the patient in less giver site scarring, albeit little spotted scars may show up at locales of follicular unit extraction. On the off chance that specialized advances in FUE instruments make the system aggressive with strip gathering in the quantity of in place follicles that can be gathered per session, FUE may turn into a technique of decision for more patients Comparison Between Strip Harvesting and Follicular Unit Extraction: A Fair and Balanced View.
FUE is a more up to date strategy than strip collecting. At this very moment, so did the improvement of instruments for collecting follicular units (FUs)- - specialized advancement from the first manual instruments, to all the more actually modern, mechanically or electronically-helped instruments, to the most recent improvement of a mechanical FUE gadget.
The Follicular Unit (FU) and FUE
Follicular unit (FU) is a term that describes how scalp hair normally grows. Scalp hair is not evenly distributed across the scalp like corn in a cornfield. It grows in clusters of follicles, little islands of one to four follicles on a plane of scalp skin. Each FU has a distinct anatomic and physiologic identity, and a micro-environment of cells, nerves and blood vessels.
Strip harvesting of donor hair takes a strip of scalp tissue bearing hundreds of FUs for use in transplantation. The FUs in the harvested strip may or may not be transplanted as FUs; the FUs may be divided into individual follicles for transplantation.
FUE removes one FU at a time, targeting the FUs that appear most likely to thrive and produce hair in a transplant recipient site.
This is the information regarding FUE with FU in detail. Hopefully its useful for you.
Thank you!