View Full Version : "retrograde alopecia"

10-12-2015, 04:14 PM
Hey guys. I haven't been here in a little while as I simply haven't been worrying about my hairloss. I am someone who deals with daily anxiety and my hair is just one facet of an unfortunate issue I have.

It started with easy hairs coming out around my ears/nape. I freaked out when I googled. This was 3-4 months ago.

I'm here now and my hair is not thinner in those areas. I can see normal hairs growing back where i've pulled them out (we're talking hundreds i've pulled out)

So it got me wondering... the hair around the nape and ears is just easier to pull out... they seemed very easy to get out! But... they are usually shorter (at least mine are based on my style) and you literally get the whole hair and pull out the root. So I tried this on the back of my head (safe zone) and got more to the root of the hairs and pulled (to mimic the nape/ears) and I can pull out 3-4 hairs when I do this. Because im closer to the root like the nape/ears and can pull more.

So when people (like me) freak out... Im wondering if it's simply the fact that hair around the nape/ears is more accessible to rip/pull out based on it's location and eas getting at the whole hair/root. I noticed when I was obsessively checking my hair in these areas the pull/tug would be much easier around the ears/nape because there's no other hair beneath it and you can get the whole hair and it would come out easier. Do I make sense? It's late.. haha

Just a theory. I've not noticed any thinning i'm just a hypochondriac with a family history of balding so.... as you'd imagine... i'm on high alert.

Anyway, just a theory. Thought it might help someone who was frantically searching like I was some months ago.