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10-12-2015, 07:09 AM
In the ongoing discussion pitting follicular unit extraction (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/follicular-unit-extraction/) (FUE (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/follicular-unit-extraction/)) versus follicular unit transplantation (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/follicular-unit-transplanting/) (FUT (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/follicular-unit-transplanting/)), one subtle and surprising point worth noting is that various investigations have demonstrated a slightly higher number of hairs per graft obtained during FUE harvests.

This video (https://vimeo.com/142082646) shows a young patient in his 20's after 3000+ grafts were transplanted by Dr. Carlos Wesley (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/curriculam-vitae/) (NYC) using a hand-held, motorized FUE punch. Magnified images of the treated recipient area reveal growth of a significant number of transplanted 3-haired grafts after having been stored in the patient's platelet-rich plasma (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/innovations/) (PRP (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/innovations/)) and ACell (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/innovations/) prior to implantation.



10-12-2015, 09:57 AM
Dr Wesley is a highly intelligent and hard working Doctor .
He is very SINCERE about updating and IMPROVING his Phase Testings.
He had completed a small segment of phase test patients and now HE has been very diligent in updating his medical works/applications and testings.
He will be starting another round of phase tests after he has completed those updates and improvements.
I WILL be a phase test patient of his once it is time to do so.
PATIENCE is key to everything in all of our lives.
I will be so happy to be a part of this.
He may very well change the course of hair transplantation/treatments
Cheers ALL