View Full Version : Ds Labs/Revita price increase?

Hair Bear
10-09-2015, 05:48 AM
Is it just me or has the price for the Revita shampoo and conditioner gone through the roof over the past few months for the 1L bottles the price has gone from $188AUD to $354AUD :/

Now I know I am not going to magically grow back my hair just using these shampoo's and conditioners but it was the least damaging to my hair and scalp.
In the past I'd always get an allergic reaction to every other shampoo I had tried locally no matter what type of spin the put on it they all contained some sort of chemicals that left my scalp irritated and extremely dry, it honestly looked nasty like I had not showered or had a shampoo for years which was distressing within itself.

I have looked at Regenepure but there seems to be too many variable shampoo types to make it as efficient as Revita. Regenepure has an DR and NT shampoo and it is recommended by many to use both, either one after the other or on a cycle to prevent irritation or drying.

I'd honestly love to know why the prices have increased 10x on the DS labs products.
Is it some sort of lets milk the bald man tax or have they changed their ingredients to include the nectar of the gods because its just crazy seems crazy to spend that much, I could save that money and get a hair transplant for that price.