View Full Version : 2 VIDEOS: Dr. Lindsey Repair case submitted video and stopped in for quick check

Dr. Lindsey
10-08-2015, 08:25 AM
This nice fellow saw me a few years ago about a small frontal case. He went elsewhere and had a case that was not dense enough, and had an unusual hairline design, often seen in the textbooks, but not necessarily good in "real life".

We did a repair case on him about 11 months ago and he emailed in this video. Its really a terrific testamonial but he doesn't show his post repair hairline. I was in London doing consultations, and he was nice enough to spin by and let Wendy film his hairline.

So there are 2 videos, one his (pretty professionally done), and one by my nurse (which is pretty candid).


The videos are:



Dr. Lindsey McLean VA