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10-08-2015, 12:35 AM
So story so far
Been sorta kinda maintaining, not regrowing, would say I'm norwood 2.5-3 edging towards the 3. I have frontal thinning that extends to my crown. When my hair is dry one could question whether I actually had hairloss unless they saw my temple recession, however when wet this is another story all together. Recently Ive noticed my hair going to sht again, the temples and hairline weakening, with this weird short faux hairline going on thats not really growing out or doing anything more just existing. There are still smaller pigmented hairs along a norwood 2 hairline but they are just in that state probably due to minox.
I am big on the experimentals, I've been trialling different treatments for the past two years, as I will state below.
This thread I hope to be a positive discussion forum where I can share information, techniques, and treatments, as well as receive constructive feedback, rather than having throw away comments like just take fin.
I like all of you really just want to grow and maintain what I have.

Treatment 1: Ru58841
Been using ru58841 for 2 years now at 10% (100mg per 1-2ml) everyday. The Ru has been consistently been sourced from Kane over this period. There have been periods where I have been without it and experienced some form of shedding, and thus have tried to keep this available, Kane been the best source for this. I know there have been issues with other users and Kane regarding purity, price etc, unfortunately, as this drug is purely experimental Kane really is the easiest most available option.

I have read other strong advocates of Ru such as El Duterino recommend lower dosages of RU in order to avoid androgen build up as your body adapts to the drug. Considering this I have recently begun to lower my dose (recently as in the last two weeks) and will cycle between 5% and 10%.
A question for those of you using this product, do you believe this is an effective way to maintain product efficacy?
I am using a 70% sprytus alcohol 30% pg vehicle, but am looking at ordering K and B solution in order to improve effectiveness.

Recently, i believe RU may be loosing its effectiveness as my hair has been going crap again, could this potentially be a shed?
Or could it be the slow progression of MPB?

Treatment 2: ************ 15%
I have been using 15% minoxidil for 2 years now. I source my minor from minoxidil max, again as its the easiest source to find higher strength minoxidil.
In regards to the effectiveness of this solution, I'd just say its helped maintaining, I haven't had any real sort of regrowth unfortunately, and am looking at dropping the strength in order to avoid future potential damages from minoxidil.
Do any of you have any sources of minox you highly recommend?
Also, do you believe dropping from 15% to a say 10%- 7%solution will cause drastic shedding?
Any tips as to whether i could dilute the minox (3 month supply) I currently have, with say pg and alcohol or water?

Treatment 3: Nizoral
I have been using nizoral 2% on and off for the last 4 years, most recently (last month) using it consistently twice per week.
I really can't comment on this product, Ive read nothing but positive feedback ad have had no adverse reactions to its use, except for dry hair after use, which is easily fixed with another shampoo and conditioner i.e garnier, head and shoulders ect.

Could re integration of nizoral into my regime be potentially causing this new shed?

Treatment 4: Thymosin beta 4/ TB 500
Now this is a peculiar treatment. There have been a few users who've experimented with this across the forums but none ever reporting back.
I have personally used this peptide and scalp injecting 2mg per week in monthly cycles every now and then. I do believe this product worked in thickening current hair.
This peptide functions by reducing inflammation at the site, and due to my extensive exercise regime it really is a double bonus in reducing inflammation elsewhere.
I have just started using this peptide again, injecting 2mg per week for the last 4 weeks and have seen a mild increase in hair quality on the days after use. Though it sort of seems to subside. Its too early to tell with this as its only been one month, but will continue using it for 2 more months.

Treatment 5: Supplements
For the last month i have started a new supplement regime that follows two principles
Anti-calcification- damages hair follicle (can link thread that discusses this)
Healthy hair growth.
Anti calcification i am using: K2, D3, Cod liver oil + topical magnesium spray 3 days per week
I am also using a product called hair burst: a supplement that has varying doses of hair boosting supplements, just an easy all rounder to throw in. I am coming up to one month in use, my remaining hair is looking mildly healthier.
I am looking forward to seeing if this anti-calcification supplement regime will do anything, fingers crossed.

Treatment 7: derma roller: been using this one and off for the last two years as well. Re ordered one recently, 1.5mm will use 1-2 per week. (thoughts)

Treatment 6: Prostaglandin strategies

OC000459: saving to order from KANE: going to use 0.1%- 0.5%
3-4 days per week. Anyone currently using this? there are people all over the place trialling this. I am not using this for regrowth, rather to block PGD2.
Vehicle? As it is ethanol version from kane i will be dissolving in
70% spyrtus alcohol 30% PG, and am going to purchase some DMSO to add to the vehicle. THOUGHTS on vehicle?

I am looking for a PGE2 to encourage growth but cannot find a suitable source, anyone know of any? In the mean time going to use castor oil.
I have sourced this PG information from Swisstemples and various other users across the forums.

Guys, I really want to do something about this. I haven't used fin yet, I'm 22, I really just have this gut feeling it wouldn't be good for me. I know many of you have used it no worries, and Im not trying to sound like I'm ridiculing your use, single you out (theres too many anyway) all I'm trying to communicate is I really don't believe it will be good for me as of yet- mental disposition, ED issues due to emotional instability (recent breakup) I don't want to be adjusting my hormones in this current state. In future I will definitely consider it, just currently its just not suitable for me.

Thanks, I look forward to your responses.