View Full Version : Advice needed please - Age 23

10-07-2015, 03:10 PM
Hey guys, I'm 23 years and all my life I have had a huge forehead/high hairline & a receding hairline. Throughout my teenage years i suppose I was able to hide it to the best of my ability with my fringe gelled down with thick enough hair at the time to hide my big forehead & receding hairline. But now I know my hair isn't as thick as it was during my teenage years so i'm finding it hard to look at myself with the big forehead and receding hairline.

So with my big forehead and receding hairline, I feel that my hair isn't as good as it was 6 years ago, more than likely it will get just continue to to get continue to get worse.

I have been using kirkland minoxidil for the last 5 months now hoping to achieve thicker hair but I don't even know it that's working being honest.

So if ye had my problem what would you do about it?

Propecia, I read about it on forums but i'm like nearly every other guy out there that's just worried about the side effects? I think I might have to take it but i'd like to know what ye think about that as well. I just hope if I was to take it nothing bad would happen but that's not possible unfortunately.

I'm hoping I'd be a good candidate for a HT in a few years when I have money and maybe lower the hairline and restore some of the temple area but I don't know if that's possible for me.

Here are some photos for ye to see where I am now.

Thanks for reading this and I hope ye can help.

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