View Full Version : dermarolling; do it once a week to erythema, or do it EOD ?

10-04-2015, 10:05 AM
Still debating on a derma rolling protocol.

the study on dermarolling said to do it once a week for 15 min, until scalp is red (not bleeding) and wait 24 hr to apply minox. Theory behind this method is to increase the growth of new blood vessels, and growth/healing factor to the area that was wounded.

Other users say to do it EOD and apply min afterwards. theory behind this is to enhance absorption of the minox.

anyone have experience with this? i feel like doing it EOD, is too often for the micro wounds to heal, and might cause scarring or hard scar tissue to form eventually making the area unsightly. also the the would healing theory makes more sense, than the minox absorbtion in terms of creating regrowth

for those who have derma rolled and had a positive experience, can you guide me.

for those who have never derma rolled, or are anti-dermaroll please keep comments to yourself. those with experience please chime in.