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10-04-2015, 05:49 AM

i have been lurking around this forum for about a year now. My hairloss seem to escalate last year. Up until them my hair had been receding very slowly maybe to a Nw1.5 or 2. but then over the matter of 2 months my left side of my hair line thinned in a triangle pattern towards the back of my head where as the right remained unchanged. i went to the doctors to hope that he would say it was thyroid but obviously it wasn't. (HE also informed me that i have a very slight thin spot at the crown :cool:) This is the point that i found this forum.

My regime for the last 9 months

-rogaine foam
-0.25 Propecia every other day (worked down to this dose as thought i may have been developing sides)
-nizoral (also dissolved some Propecia in here as read on here may help:confused:)

Anyway the the advice i need is whether to stay on rogiane?

Essentially i start applying minoxidil to my temples and the crown. within the first few months my hair shed like an absolute bitch. but had a look on this forum and says it was normal. anyway im now at month 9 and my hair seems to go through phases of looking good then bad. its density is still no way near to its original. but i have started notice there are some thicker hairs popping up on my left temple, but this could just be original hair im unsure. my main concern is my crown, which has gone from a tiny thin spot to a full blown thinning, which is very noticeable when wet. i feel that minoxidil has caused this,obviously it could just be natural progression, but it seems that the place i apply minoxidil just thins out.

Any advice would be appreciated and sorry for the long post


10-06-2015, 12:08 PM