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Dr. Lindsey
10-01-2015, 07:56 AM
So younger guys having surgery can be a bit dicey. You often don't know how they will lose their hair and end up doing some educated guessing. As long as you plan on a mature hairline, which some younger guys won't accept (and they frequently go elsewhere and have a low hairline done which they ultimately regret as they age), and you save hair for the future...you can usually stay out of trouble and improve a problem for the patient.

This fellow is different. First off, the few hundred "stragglers" that he has from his low frontal tuft to his crown are doing NOTHING cosmetically. And his dad, who looks similar physically, kept his lateral hair high, so hopefully this fellow will too. Plus he's ok with a mature hairline and recognizes that he'll need at least one more strip case.

His only real limitation is the thin donor hair he and his dad have, and the limited density of his occiptal hair. But that is what his family has so its really either, do the case or do nothing. As I tell EVERY patient, I have never heard of anyone dying of baldness, so option one is to do nothing. Option 2 is a hairpiece, 3 is meds (but this fellow had side effects), and 4 is surgery. We're planning on a second case next year and while he lives several hours away, I am hopeful to see him periodically and update his progress.

The case is: http://youtu.be/7BvbPXz2TdE


Dr. Lindsey McLean VA