View Full Version : Dr. Lindsey VIDEO Mfue case repairing previous FUE work, surgical technique shown

Dr. Lindsey
10-01-2015, 06:31 AM
Here is a video of an MFUE case in progress. I've had lots of requests to show how the grafts come out, and how the incisions are closed. Also included is postop day 9 suture removal. Regular viewers of my MFUE cases will note that we wait until day 10 to remove sutures to get the best scarring....however this guy is unique. When we did a strip on him to repair his no-growth FUE (done elsewhere a few years ago), he wore a bandanna immediately after leaving the office...staff saw him in his jeep...and really did no care. Despite that his strip scar was fine, good actually, and he probably auto-extracted several HUNDRED grafts along the hairline. So he said we need to take the sutures out today..or he'd get a friend to do it...thus they came out a day early.

Today's goals are to work on new MPB, and bolster his hairline...from where he almost certainly pulled his own grafts out last time. And to wind up with minimal donor scarring and no significant tightness of his scalp. He had complained of SIGNIFICANT long term burning sensation after his FUE but had none after his strip. So we'll see how this is with MFUE.

Again he did no cleaning but looks pretty good. He doesn't appear to have pulled out grafts and I expect to see him in a month for a scar check.

The video link is: http://youtu.be/wEqwISfXFvM

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA