View Full Version : 770 FUE by FIT with Acell - 3-month results by Dr. Patrick Mwamba (MyWHTC) in Europe

WHTC Clinic
09-30-2015, 03:36 PM
This young patient of thirty came to the MyWHTC clinic to treat the temple regions and hairline. The patient has very curly, black hair of a coarse caliber with dark skin. Dr. Patrick Mwamba successfully treated this Norwood III, potential Norwood V patient by transplanting 770 FUE by FIT grafts with Acell. Below are three-month results photos that show early growth and healing. The patient plans to return at a later date to conservatively add density in the mid-scalp. The goal is to restore symmetry in the front. We advised that adherence to medical therapy is pertinent for elongating the process of progressive hair loss.

1. Design of Hairline before surgery(Top) - After Graft placement (Bottom)

2. Temporal regions and hairline after Ten-day healing (Top) - Three-month follow-up Results (Bottom)

3. Frontal Hairline after Ten-day healing (Top) Three-month follow-up Results (Bottom)

4. Donor Area immediately after 700-FUE by FIT surgery (Top) Three-month follow-up results (Bottom)