View Full Version : age 20 and thinning, maybe?

02-02-2010, 10:16 PM
Hey guys! whats up? My last post got tons of reads but no responses so i'll add some pics this time around

My situation: I'm 20 year old guy and my hair is very long, shoulder length, and its just not looking as full as it was a few years ago. I dont notice any excessive falling out, and its hard to tell at a glance, but i can tell

Some other background info: I know most hair loss is hereditary, but i find it worth mentioning that since i started college a lot has changed in my lifestyle, probably for the worse. Like most college students, I am sleep deprived and now rely on coffee and energy drinks for those late nights haha. I should be including more fruits and vegetables for a healthier diet. I don't work out or exercise as much as i used to. And as far as vitamins go, I only take a standard daily nutrient supplement that i usually forget to take anyway. Could a change in these factors affect hair thickness/healthiness?

But looking through these forums I read from a few people, who reported from experience, that they wish they noticed/treated their hair thinning sooner, especially those taking Propencia. Maybe I'm being overly proactive, im not sure.

I'm adding pics this time cuz they seem to get responses haha, please help! :)

02-09-2010, 08:56 PM
bumpage for the pics

02-09-2010, 11:52 PM
Looks like the start of MPB. You should make an appointment to see your doctor and ask about Propecia. If you cut your hair shorter the loss will be much less noticeable. You still have a good amount of hair, but itís good that you found the forum!