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Carlos Wesley, MD
09-23-2015, 08:15 AM
This 33-year-old patient simply wanted to preserve his current hair pattern, but add to its fullness. Preferring to wear a short hairstyle and having a limited donor hair reserve, he elected to have a follicular unit extraction (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/follicular-unit-extraction/) (FUE (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/follicular-unit-extraction/)) procedure with our team (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/curriculam-vitae/). A 0.8mm FUE punch was used to perform the harvest and platelet-rich plasma (PRP (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/innovations/)) and ACell Matristem (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/acells-matristem-technology-in-hair-restoration-surgery/) was used as a holding solutions for the grafts while they were out of the body. The patient returned about one year after his FUE session for a follow-up.