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02-01-2010, 07:23 PM
Greetings fellow forum viewers,

Here is a younger class 4A, potential class 6 patient who decided to restore the hair loss by surgical hair restoration. The treatment plan for this patient involved strategic placement of approx. 2090 CIT "non-strip" grafts to the top and frontal hairline. The term "Non-strip" means that we transplant hair (single follicular units) from the donor area (back of head) and into the balding area on top, without cutting into the donor area by knife or scalpel. In the end, a strip incision will always produce a linear scar that may or may not be visible, allowing for a short hairstyle. Our surgical team performs small grafting sessions (500 grafts) to large grafting sessions of about 2400+ grafts via CIT. Similar to FUE, CIT allows patients to avoid the linear scar associated with strip (FUT), as the average strip scar is about 4mm wide. Minimally invasive techniques, custom instruments, and other newly available treatments "ACELL,PRP", allow us to avoid using any stitching/sutures or closure device(s) in the donor area.

As hair loss can be progressive, we always stress to our patients that medical therapy is a very important consideration. Our patients are fortunate to understand that there are other surgical and non-surgical methods available to restore their hair loss. ALL patients should reserve the right to know about ALL hair restoration options they have available. Asking questions, seeing the results (video & photo), and understanding the cons of all options is a requirement for our patients. As we advance CIT technology, we strive to continue to produce excellent results with as few grafts as possible. It's a pleasure to present another satisfied patient. This patient can enjoy a more youthful appearance with extreme confidence.