View Full Version : A 15 year fruitless journey

09-21-2015, 05:01 AM
I am based in the UK

I had my first hair transplant in 2001 at the Wellesbourne Clinic with Dr Rogers at the age of 32. I had a 'widows peak' and thin hair. I received approximately 2500 grafts from a strip graft.

I had a further transplant a year later of 2000 grafts, also at Wellesbourne under Dr Rogers. In 2003 I had 1500 grafts with Dr Rogers in Stratford Upon Avon after he had left Wellesbourne. In 2006, I had 750 grafts from a new donor strip.

In some ways, I was happy with the results, I had a recognisable hairline but the hair was very thin. It also had a nasty habit of growing up vertically, exposing the scalp further. I used to have it cut to about 4/5 and the scars weren't exposed. I also found a friendly barber who used to cut the hair in such a way as to keep it slightly longer over the scars. To deal with the thinness I used Nanogen fibres and sometimes DermMatch. They were a pain putting on and I was also scared of wind and rain and getting them on clothing and pillows.

I hated having to have the hair longer at the back and sides to cover the scars, this just made the thin hair on top look worse. I experimented once with a number 2 shave all over, people said I suited it but they could also see the scars.

In 2010, I found the HIS hair clinic. After a consultation, Ian there said he could cover the scars with a tattoo and allow me to have my hair as short as liked. He also recommended a tattoo on the top to make the short hair look thicker. I agreed to all of this.

I was kind of happy with the tattoo on the top. It looked more realistic than most because I already had hair there and an existing hairline. The colour used was far too Blue at the beginning but the fading has made it look more realistic.

The tattoo on the scars never really worked. It just made them look more red and were still very obvious. They tried do further work on them but to no avail. They just basically put two big black lines on my head that made them stand out more. I was shocked when Ian suggested that I have 'FUE' in the scars.I had paid 2000 for a solution from him and he suggested I needed something else. I just kind of lived with the scars but was always paranoid when people sat behind me and they were talked about in work quite a lot.

In 2012, I went to see DR Rogers again to see what could be done about the scars. He suggested 250 grafts of FUE to "break up the scars a bit". To be fair, there was an improvement from this but both were still quite visible and people noticed them.

I found another Hair Tattoo place in London called the Dermatology Clinic. It is run by one lady who takes much more care selecting the right colours and tattooed the scars much more diligently, being careful not to just produce a black line. This did help quite a bit but because of the size and recessed appearance of the scars, they are still obvious.

Looking back, every penny I have spent has been wasted. I am now 46 and at a point in life where I just want to look 'normal', baldness doesn't bother me any more. I am stuck between a rock and hard place. If I grow my hair it just sticks up at 90 degree angles, exposing a tattooed head. I dread to think what Grey hair over a blue tattoo will look like.

If I shave it I have two massive scars on the back of my head. It would of been better just to let the baldness take it's course and save probably 25,0000 pounds. The entire Hair loss industry is quit exploitative in my opinion (with the exception of the Dermatology Clinic). They promise life changing procedures that quite often can make you look worse. Hair transplants should only be used to thicken specific areas when no further loss is expected. Even in this circumstance, NEVER have a strip scar.

Just go bald and spend the money on decent teeth and a personal trainer. Remember that lots of people find bald guys attractive but how many people like scarred or blue tattooed heads ?