View Full Version : Am I losing my hair?

09-21-2015, 04:39 AM
Okay so I'm kinda new to this whole thing so go easy on me haha
For a few weeks now I've noticed that my hair has increased shedding. It's not overly excessive (or is it?) But there's more hairs on the pillow, shower and comb every day. If I run my fingers through my hair like 1 maybe 2 come out. I'm Asian and nobody in my family has hair loss. My dad and older brother have nice thick hair (and so do I although I'm worried I'm thinning although that may be paranoia). On my mum's side my grandad had a thick head of hair till he passed and all men on that said have full heads of hair. After a few weeks of excessively thorough Internet research I'm fairy educated on some of this hair loss stuff (but I've never posted on a forum). All the hairs I lose do have a white bulb at the end. I'm gonna do a blood test sometime this week and I'll hopefully get the results soon. My parents say I have nothing to worry about and I'm obsessing yoo much. I'm 18 and a vegetarian. I had what resembled a panic attack like 2 months ago RE exams so I thought it could maybe be TE? Ocasionally when I lose hair it's because I have an itch/tingle on my scalp or anywhere on my head for that matter and if i scratch and gently pull I lose a hair or two. I have a crown on my head and I'm not sure if it's thinning or not and I think my hairline may be receding (I'll try and upload some pics). Afterr obsessing for nights and days I'm not depressed over it anymore but obviously I want to keep my hair, I don't 100% know if I'm going bald but I'm convinced I am so of course the best way is to fight back immediately right?
At way that's my story and I might have left out some key details and stuff but I'll fill in anything important that's missing
Thanks everyone

The pics are taken after a shower in the morning in which my hair is kind of wet and combed. The one ofy scalp shows my crown and them my hair partition which I've carried on until it reaches my crown (by combing around it? There's one of my front hair line and then either side (I was worried about recession on the right of my head and can send a better pic if necessary?