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09-18-2015, 04:01 PM
I had a bizarre dream last night....

I was just standing there - motionless - as I witnessed countless aspiring hair transplant surgeons being led by an obese mad scientist of sorts. The mad scientist barked, in an emotionless tone,

"Come on. Load the scalpels. Heh. Extract the donor hair. And conduct transplants. Transplants. Transplants. Heheh."

Quite why his voice lacked any semblance of emotion, I have no idea. Or why he repeated "transplants" three times - each one second apart. Maybe my brain just couldn't generate good dialogue, so decided to repeat the word in order to mask the fact that it would otherwise be quite lacking. It really is a mystery to me.

But that's not all - shortly after this, a barrel inexplicably rolled into the room and smacked the mad scientist square in the stomach, propelling him backward until he was flattened against a wall. And here is where the weirdness intensifies - out of the barrel emerged another hair transplant surgeon. Then, as the mad scientist was lying helpless on the floor - his body still flattened- a random rabbit (who seemed to be the scientist's 'henchman') inserted a trumpet into his mouth and blew, which seemed to inflate him back up again... When...

Out of nowhere, a second barrel came rolling in - again smacking the scientist, releasing another hair transplant surgeon. But rather than sending the mad scientist flying to the opposing wall, this particular strike made him stand up and dance about wildly as the trumpet seemed to be jammed in his mouth. As you can probably gather, the 'dancing' was more of a manoeuvre to force the instrument out. Even more bizarre is that he kept making these weird (and still strangely emotionless) grunting noises..

"Aah... uhh... aah... uhh..."

...All the while, the trumpet emitting a very grating, sour tune of some description. It sounded like if you were to play it for the first time. The dream then cut to a brief shot of the two aforementioned hair transplant surgeons making a run for it... then it cut back to the mad scientist 'dancing'. The 'dancing' sequence - grunting, trumpet blaring, and all- persisted for a solid two minutes...

And the dream ended there.

Has anyone else had a similar dream?

Not giving up
09-18-2015, 04:04 PM
Dude, whatever you're smoking - I want some.

09-19-2015, 10:46 AM
Update! I've translated to the dream into a narration / vague animation on YouTube (well, actually, there are only three animated bits.. and they're all quite short). I hope this is able to paint a more vivid picture!