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09-16-2015, 07:27 PM
Hello everyone :-)
I wanted to take a moment to share with you a brilliant addition I added to my hair care regimen!
I personally use this high frequency machine but I'm sure there are others (make sure to get one with a comb attachment!!)


This is a real medical treatment you can get at some plastic surgery offices or medi spas, and the tool is used on the face as well if you like:


Some info about high frequency:

" High-frequency treatment uses low-current high-frequency alternating currents, delivered via a glass electrode. Because the high frequency current converts some of the oxygen in the air into ozone, the treatment has a germicidal action, and is also drying and warming. Consequently the treatment is used to aid healing, and also to help desquamation (the skin’s natural exfoliation), and simulate sweat and sebaceous glands.
At up to 250,000 Hz frequency, the hollow glass electrode behaves like a glow discharge tube, and is sometime called a “violet ray” or “violent wand”, (though the colour depends on the gas in the glass). Two electrodes are not required, and sparking may occur when the electrode is close to the skin. Because the effect may be pleasurable, similar devices are used in erotic electrostimulation. [Source: Wikipedia]"

Some machines you buy come with a comb attachment probe:

This comb is moved on the entire scalp. The treatment generally last for 15 minutes. The advantages of doing this treatment is that the high frequency kills any bacteria or other foreign bodies on the scalp preventing any scalp infection. The scalp has to be healthy for a healthy hair growth, right?

Moreover, the tingling and the vibration improves the blood circulation in the scalp and helps revitalizing the dormant hair follicles. This leads to better hair growth, controls hair loss, helps with dandruff issues as well. Also, the treatment in done in the hair spas so as to ensure better absorption of the treatment serums like hair growth serum or dandruff serums.

I use it shortly after applying my rogaine and argon oil. although I already had a hair transplant and I'm happy with my hair now, this is a great addition because my hair just feels so HEALTHY now.

Hope someone can find this useful! I hadn't ever heard it talked about often, and I think those laser combs just use lasers, this uses real little lightning bolts that shock you. Mm!