View Full Version : My SMP Journey Begins thanks Zang His Hair LA

loving it
09-14-2015, 10:39 PM
Hi all firstly very grateful we have these valuable platforms for advice and experiences. Not usually my thing but i wanted to take the time to share my experience and help any fellow hair loss suffers.After years of researching SMP and many consultations with various so called experts in the different fields of the hair loss industry the stress of hairloss was taking its toll on my life #sucks!! :(( after a lot of thought and research i felt SMP was the best solution for me.
I initially had high hopes on a ht - until i met with 1 guy who had undergone 2 procedures 1 ht and then a fut leaving him with not so satisfying results after cost and time. long story short he was very disappointed and didn't recommended it although i did see some good results with some patients on line it didn't work out for this guy; he just didn't get the density he required and the scaring was very apparent.. which made me very very skeptical fast forward to now i started researching SMP which led me to His Hair i soon read about zang in los angeles one of the 1st guys to do SMP in the world from england, i met with him he seemed very knowledgable honest and seemed to understand exactly what i wanted just like i had heard.. anyway to my surprise he put me in touch with some clients in the area so i could see their SMP in person,which was a great help and asked me to get back in touch .. i was sold after seeing and hearing how happy this guy was he wore SMP for around 3 years i believe looked very natural and said no one i mean no one had ever called him out .. here i am after only 1 session I am blown away can't wait till its finished i will need a 2nd course and may be a touch up further down the road which is not a problem if it stays looking this good i don't mind - my only regret is i didn't do this earlier - so thank you zang and His Hair!! can't wait to get my life back hair loss sucks!!! ;)