View Full Version : Rogaine 2.5 months - no signs of decreased shedding?

09-03-2015, 07:28 PM
Hi all

It's been 2.5 months now since I started Rogaine, I use 5% foam on my temples. When I first started I had an increase in shedding, not too bad, but there were some days when I would step out of the shower to towel off, and I'd look down to see the sink covered with hair. While my level of shedding has dropped from that extreme, I'm still shedding what I consider to be an abnormal amount - about the same as pre-rogaine levels. Isn't rogaine supposed to stop that completely?

Also, ever since using Rogaine, my right hairline has deteriorated significantly. I had a fairly solid hairline on my right side before rogaine, with just a few miniaturised hairs that I was hoping to thicken up. However, after 2.5 months my hairline looks thin and receded. Thoughts?

09-03-2015, 07:50 PM
trust me on this one - stop looking at your hands when you wash your hair. stop counting hairs in the sink. You will, like the rest of us on here, drive yourself absolutely insane. You need not count what you are losing, just monitor yourself every few months. The key to maintaining a successful regiment is to not get psyched out.

Actually shedding is thought to be a good sign. In order for new, thicker hairs to start growing the follicle has to "reset" and start a new fiber. It will send hairs into a resting phase (telogen) after which the hair fiber will shed and a new hair will start growing. You NEED to be REALLY PATIENT, when it comes to hair. Most will say things get worst before they get better when starting a new medication

09-04-2015, 09:22 PM
Hi jamesst11,

thanks for the reply. Yes, I've not been thinking too much about my hair since I started treatment, but I'm checking up on it once a fortnight. This was following the most recent case. I'm simply a little concerned that my right hairline has gone from solid to receded since I last checked at the 2 month mark. Although I'm not expecting regrowth at this point yet, I thought the shedding would have at least stabilised by this time a couple months in?

On the other hand, I suppose I should take comfort that my hair at least seems to be responding in some way to minoxidil. I'll just slug it out another month or so and see.