View Full Version : White stuff on scalp

09-01-2015, 09:17 AM
Please guys i need some help.

I am thinning more and more.
I have been on finasteride for 4-5 yrs and my hairloss was stopped.
Then i decided to go for a HT wich failed 15 Month ago.
Now my hairloss is getting worse.
I am suspecting it has something to do with the white grease on my scalp

I was my hair everyday because i use toppik.
Everytime i get out of the shower and my scalp is wet, i Can scratch with my nails on my scalp and i get Big chunks of This white grease under my nails.

I use nizoral but dosnt Seem to help.

I am despressed because my hairloss is getting worse and worse.
I have HT planned with dr lorenzo in 3 Month but now i am affriad that he might not be able to do the transplant if i have some condition on my scalp?

My derm here in my country dont know shit about hairloss so they cant help me

Plssss help someone