View Full Version : Total Grafts Available

08-30-2015, 08:16 AM

I'm wondering about the total number of grafts a person might have available if he were to opt for a multi-stage hair restoration. I read in a post by Dr. Karadeniz that many patients are able to have two FUSS procedures followed by two FUE procedures once they have exhausted their laxity.

On a person with average density and laxity, would it be reasonable to expect 6000 grafts FUT and then perhaps another 2000 FUE for a grand total of 8000 grafts, or, am I over estimating the number of FUE grafts? Obviously, there will be a lot of variability among patients.

A related question that I have been thinking about is the total number of grafts available if one were to opt for FUE alone - once again assuming average density. As I research, there seems to be a lot of conflicting information in regards to this. One reputable clinic suggests on their site that some patients will only have one half the total grafts available if they were to opt for FUE alone.
Other clinics, however, give the impression that the total grafts available through FUE are comparable to strip. Hmmmm .........what to believe?