View Full Version : recideing hairline/maturing? help please

08-27-2015, 08:35 AM
Hey so I don't know how many of you saw my other topic about the cowclick crown but I think I managed to confirm it was just a cowclick after finding 1 2 year old pic where this exatct same spot is kinda flashing there.

Anyway after getting into this whole hairloss thing and browsing the forum quite a bit i decided to check out my hairline as well (never noticed it before but I did always have a kinda big forhead and looking at older pics this widows peak or whatever its called.)

Anyway I'll post a couple pics here
2 from today and couple from like a year back( older pics look also like the year back ones).

Some family history: my hair is very very similar to my mom's hair and on her side there's balding but not very severe my grandfather started balding at 45-50 and still has hair. my father is and he started balding at 21-22ish comepletly bald however my grandfather from his side also still has hair he is 65 now.

I am now 16 soon to be 17.

So anyway here are some pics. I srsly dont know if im just denyaing it or is it actually ok and always been like it. And im really losing my mind over it atm..

so the first 2 pics where u can see my hand are from today. The rest of them are aprrox a year back (Also keep in mind there are diffrent ligthings and angles in the pics.. and that my hair is not slicked backed in those like it is in today's pics so try to imagine how'd look like if i did slic it back in those pics.. I can try to find some more pics if the need arises)

08-28-2015, 12:54 AM