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These are my 3 month results Derma rolling and using Rogaine along with my regimen. The light bulb changed between the 2nd and 3rd month but I think it improved the resolution.






Little about myself, I'm 34, started receding slightly around 23, lost temples by 27 but still had density, 30 massive shedding, very thin on top. I started my hair treatment journey with PRP at age 33. The idea of rebuilding my scalp and bringing it back to a healthy state was what I was trying to do with my overall body so it intrigued me. I had 2 treatments and spent $3200 to grow some peach fuzz basically.
About 3-4 months ago I came across the Derma Roller and Rogaine Study posted in these forums.


I know, it happened years ago but I'm fairly new. Researched Derma Rollers and found they do exactly what PRP does and MUCH more! PRP and Derma Rollers both signal the body to send Growth Factors to the affected area but Derma Rollers also help create new blood vessels which was already a part of my regimen.

3 months ago I added Derma Rolling and using Rogaine for the 1st time exactly as instructed in the Study to my regimen

My entire Regimen is health oriented, using Nature to rebuild myself and eliminating the toxins I ate, drank and showered in. When I started 18 months ago I weighed 195Lbs. I am now 154Lbs with a lot more muscle then when I started so in reality I've lost more then 40lbs because muscle weighs a lot more then fat. I am in the best shape I've been in the last decade.

The rebuilding part:
I have been trying to increase the blood supply to my scalp.
-1st, trying to create more "Brown Fat" in my scalp and body. Brown fat is a type of adipose tissue that is brown. The other one we all know about, white adipose tissue AKA spare tire. Brown Fat is brown because it is filled with blood vessels and has a unique trait, it burns White Adipose tissue to keep us warm in cold temps. I've read Brown Fat is present in the scalp where people have hair but lacking Brown Fat where they are bald. Almost every picture of a hair follicle I've ever seen has a layer of fat below the skin which has blood vessels feeding the hair follicle, that's Brown Fat.
To increase my Brown Fat I take cold showers and lost a lot of weight thru healthy eating and exercise because being Fat eliminates brown fat in our bodies since it is not needed anymore with white fat keeping us warm. I started taking cold showers slowly, cold only at the end of the shower, now I just turn the water on cold and jump in. By the end of my shower the water feels warm so I think it's working.

-2nd thing I do is exercise. I run about a mile every morning and lift light weights with high reps. Cardio stimulates the formation of new Blood Vessels. Running in the morning before eating anything and then not eating for about an hour after your run stimulates the production of Human Growth Hormone AKA HGH in our bodies. The reason being, the body is looking for energy but there's nothing in our stomach so the thyroid gland starts pumping out HGH, our natural fountain of youth.

-3rd would be using the derma roller. Saved the best for last. Wounding stimulates not only Growth Factors but also the creation of new blood vessels.

Eliminating Toxins:
I stopped eating processed food. I'll have take out maybe once a week and when I do it's never Mcdonalds of Burger King type places. I stopped drinking Sugar Sodas. I stopped drinking Milk(by far the WORST out of the above). Cows are pumped with drugs, testosterone, estrogen etc etc. When we drink Milk, we are drinking the drugs!
I encourage everyone to do research on the food we eat. It'll change your life for the better.
I placed an entire home water filtration system. We shower in rust, chlorine, fluoride and sometimes even drugs! In NY the water was tested positive for anti depressants!
The water lines in the ground are all rusted. Chlorine and other chemicals are added to make the water that comes out of our faucets seem clean. You ever smell like chorine after you shower? I have too.

[/What I eat;B]
I try to eat free range animals. Eggs are the easiest because they are relatively cheap. Only about a dollar more then hormone filled eggs. A little meat and a bunch of veggies is usually my dinner. For lunch each day I make the following smoothie and eat it throughout the day.
- Spinach, Parsley, Cilantro, 160mgs of Saw Palmetto, Strawberries, blueberries, Red apple, Orange, Flax Seeds(do not use the oil it goes BAD VERY quickly and can cause hair loss, Use only the seeds and you need break them by either crushing them or putting in the blender) I add and subtract other things but those are always in there because they lower DHT and covers the basics of what my body needs.

The supplements I take are all intended to create new blood vessels, increase growth factors and feed hair follicles, they are:

--Borage Oil- helps create blood vessels- using 18 months

--Vitamin E- helps create blood vessels- using 18 months

--B complex - feeds hair- using 18 months

--Saw Palmetto- Reduces DHT, I pore 160mgs into my smoothie.

--Red Seaweed Extract(only before I Derma Roll and while my head still hurts, about 3 days after rolling) Red Algae promotes WNT Signaling.- using 2 months


Carrageenan is found in Red Seaweed


WNT Signaling is a major player in the amount of Growth Factors your body sends.

--Soy Isoflavones and Capsaicin(spicy peppers)- Promotes growth factors and reduces DHT. Grows hair. - using about 1 month


--[/U]Copper Peptides spray - Feed hair Follicles- using about 1 month


--[U][B]Rogaine- using 3 months

I believe I created a healthy environment for hair to grow and the Derma Roller(Growth Factors) have started to regenerate my hair follicles.

I will try to post progress pics every month.

Thank you all in this community for all the information I've found here. Hope I contributed a little with the info I posted.

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