View Full Version : Having weird hairloss...

08-25-2015, 03:38 PM
basically when i was 21 i got put in jail for 2 years. after my 1st year i started noticing a shit load of my head hair coming off on my pillow and towel, and my hair began to feel like straw. another thing was the hair on my nuts began to slowly turn grey and my leg hair on the bottom half is barely even there anymore, it use to overlap my socks. i am now 26 and i still have a full head of hair but when it is wet it looks like i have a ant track on my head so it has thinned extremely bad around my hairline above my ears and temple areas... as for the hair on my nuts i barely have any and the ones i do are grey haha also my lower leg hair never grew back either. does anyone have any ideas what could cause any of these symptoms to all happen at once?