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08-18-2015, 06:43 PM

First time poster long time reader. I have been battling hairloss since I was 19. I went on Ashley and Martin (minox 2 times daily, 1.25mg FIN, Niz Shampoo, vitamins) I gave up as I was a wreckless 19 year old and minnox made my scalp insanely itchy and intolerable. I am 23 (24 in 2 months) and I have gotten myself back on FIN (8 months now) well I started on 1mg propecia (5 months), then start 1.5mg (2 month) propecia then got a new prescription to FIN (as its cheaper) AND WENT TO 1.25mg (the last month). I have used NIZ once (4 days ago) and plan on using every 3-4 days from now on. I also take a lot of different multivitamins. I keep myself fit and exercise regularly (strong runner). I have now incorporated the massage method for decalcifying my scalp (perfecthairhealth.com ebook technique).

My issues/questions today are;
1. I am shedding quite a bit.... during my massage today I lost about 20sih hairs (thin and thick). Generally I find hairs on my desk and keyboard at work, they are quite thing and whispy with tiny white bulbs.. They are also quite short usually (compared to my general hair length). Is this normal? - linked to question 2

2. My hairline was my no.1 reason for starting this. As I was starting to receed. My hairline is definitely worse then when I started. Is this from the Shed (I think its obviously is...), and will it grow back?(I f%^$ing hope so...) It is getting thinner (losing hair density).

3. All the hairs I lose are generally shorter than my normal length and whispy. Since I have started FIN I have noticed my entire scalp area is noticeably thinner, compared to when I started and it was quite thick (as I stated above my reasons was for my hairline). Is this a normal shed process? Also how long does a shed last, mine feels like its been going on for quite some time..... (2-3 months at least).

4. Has anyone used the massage technique and gotten results on frontal scalp? and is this method even sound? I did researhc and read a fair bit of the book on the massage study conducted in 2012, but how legit are these results? and why is it not a bigger "deal" in the hair loss comunity to do these massages?

5. From my pics is my hair savable? any new regime advice would be great!

6. FINALLY! (last one I swear) - How do I check if new growth is on its way?? Can I buy like a fancy little microscope camera to check or something? As I just want closure that something is happening.... Always happy to spend the money on this cause (keeping my god damn hair).


Thanks to all of you who throw in your two cents! it is all greatly appreciated!