View Full Version : link between dermatitis and propecia?

08-18-2015, 08:29 AM
hello everyone

i was thinking about my situation after the hair transplant. if you see my posts,you will notice i'm taking other stuff (vitamins,ketaconozole solutions etc) because i have seborroic dermatitis

i was thinking about my situation before and after the transplant. i noticed that while i wasnt on propecia and prior of transplanti my hair my scalp was at first full of crusts of sebum,and then the crusts dissolved into a liquid oily - like solution.
After taking propecia,the thing reverted for a couple of months and then BAM! the oil came back.

There's definitley a link between the two things,but i cannot understand why the sebum regressed to his liquid state after : it seems that there's a role in androgenetics,as far as i can undersand but propecia inhibited that and therefore modified the dermatitis for the better.

I'm seriously considering about starting DUT soon,my exams are all good and my testosterone on a normal level. After that,i guess i'll try RU .....and even if that doesnt work,i guess i'll eradicate all my remaining hair with a laser. I'm evolving straight to a NW 5/6 or a complete mess thereafter....it's a matter of few months for me

Some of you bros wanna help my out? thoughts on the connection with finasteride and sebum production ? thanks

08-18-2015, 08:43 AM
my guess is this - DHT charges the follicles and the follicles get clogged by the production of waste material/sebum BUT that means the problems are two at the same time = DHT levels and the follicles body/skin itself.

Now,my testosterone level is normal - assuming that i'm producing a normal amout of testosterone,in my body,i shouldnt have as much as sebum. That means i should lower it and keep it low enough to have a regrowth,but not a costant decrease which means reacreating a cycle of production of testosterone. Which means,working out while on FIN/DUT - that would explain why some are working out AND regrowing hair and muscles. I guess i will try this way and see what happens

opinions on DUT and muscle growing or shrinking? even if the thing has been posted before,please put a link!