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08-17-2015, 05:51 PM
Life has taken a few turns for the worst, not due to the hair but just the swings and arrows of outrageous fortune seem to be cutting me off in my prime. I'm not sure what's going on with the hair, i switches from activas generic finasteride 5mg to fincar 5mg. Currently my hairline is slightly below baseline i'm sure of it.

However i'm getting terrified of how visible my scalp is. I'm going to add numerous pictures and alot of context so bear with me. My hair is very fine, as in extremely even in the areas where mpb isn't an issue. (sides and back) Due to how fine my hair is when i part is it looks very harsh. Here is a picture of my hair being parted at the side of my head where the hair is dht resistant http://imgur.com/ZtEwoNC. Very Gappy right and that's the side of my head.

Here is the top with the flash on. Also a very harsh looking. http://imgur.com/RzDMSsg

Now this is my hair styled and a picture taken from above. No flash will be used for any pictures from now. http://imgur.com/CXl6HUL. Looks like diffuse thinning right.

Now here is another one. I'd say this looks better,
http://imgur.com/LHYWls6. Remember i have very fine hair so parting it makes it look worse no matter what part of my head i'm parting it.

Here is another swept back style. I think it looks normal here slight scalp showing but that's normal for me with my hair type. i find when i apply product to my hair the hair clumps together hence making it look gappy. http://imgur.com/2J7eFuV

However this picture scared me i parted my hair in the center and there is thinning. http://imgur.com/68yjNvN but here's another where i pull it back so its not parted but i can see that there are gaps on my head and it doesn't really look like miniaturized hair but actual proper hair. I'm not coming over despite the thinness of my hair i have a lot of volume i think thats due to the length but it's not a comb over like e.g http://imgur.com/69DqL8u.

Now here's some more context, i've been on finasteride for 2 years plus, with good results for the first 18 months, my hairline i'd say now is just below basleine and i mean just below, i struggle to tell the difference between my temples now and then. I had this patch of scalp visible at the center even then but i always seemed to have because of the curse of fine having fine hair. This is the thread. https://www.baldtruthtalk.com/threads/16010-10-Months-on-Finasteride?highlight=

Now here's the thing i suspect maybe im being overly paranoid, maybe but i also think coupled with my hair type and that i changed brands from activas generic fin to fincar (both 5mg cut into qauters) maybe i'm going into shedding phase. I switched around 3 months ago so it seems to be right to go through a shedding phase.

There are no real slick bald bits on my head it's just gappy and im looking for scraggly miniturised hair which is only present on my hairline. i think maybe i'm not responding to fincar bought from inhouse pharmacy. I'm going to keep it very good eye on it and if it gets worse i'm going to start with dutasteride. What do you think? Please do remember to look at the first picture where i part my hair on the side of my head where there is no thinning just a harsh looking parting due to my hair type, And if you feel like i've started to diffuse do tell. I only use finasteride 1.25 every day. And no my dick has not fallen off.

I suspect this is a new shed and the hair type thing because i have the thin looking centre 18 2 years ago. Thanks for reading. i'd love to hear your opinions.