View Full Version : New Member - 2nd FUT HT advice needed? where and who?

08-17-2015, 09:33 AM
Hi All

I'm currently considering having a 2nd FUT HT and would like some advice on where to go.
I had my first HT about 4 years ago in Manchester, UK near where i'm from. I had the surgery at Transform by Dr Bhatty. i had about 3300 grafts and was reasonably pleased with the results though knew at some point i might need a 2nd op. I wasn't happy with their after care, it really felt like all the nice smiley faces disappeared post op!

I recently went through a stressful period and lost about half my hair on top. I know that since this troubled time ended this hair should grow back but its left me looking thinner than ever on top and since i had FUT and have a scar, i can't even shave my head so i'm stuck with this look now and it's just highlighted that i want to get the 2nd HT done anyway.

I had researched India and found Dr Radha in India who i'd planned to visit for a consultation on a trip to India recently but i couldn't make it. So now i'm in a position where i could still choose her or from that area, anywhere back to the UK would be ideal and i'd heard that some European countries were better than the UK for FUT such as Belgium.

A relative also told me of an offer in the UK at hairtransplantclinics by Dr Rogers costing 2899 gbp for 3000 grafts but i couldn't find any reviews for this doctor and when i emailed the company they said they'd only answer my questions if i paid for a treatment!?

So i'd really appreciate some advice on where to go and who to see for my second HT. I know there will be people questioning cost and one reason i chose India was the cost being $1/graft and my budget is around $3000 and i'd like as many grafts as possible of course. But i'm open to ideas or suggestions.

If there's any info i've left out of the post that anyone needs, also just let me know and i'll post a reply with the info needed.