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08-17-2015, 08:46 AM
Hi everybody :)

My names adam, been on fin for bout 2 1/2 weeks, and im shedding alot, everytime i run my hand through my hair i get several hairs out, and often without touching my hair it just falls in front of me :( which im finding stressful.
Im aware of the process of fin' and that shedding is a common sign that it is beginning to work.

I cant seem to find info on when the shed usually starts??

Ive read peoples accounts of it starting maybe 2 or 3 months in.

would like to know when you shed started...

thank you all, a few ppl on here have given me good solid advice that i am following, just want to a bit of experience from people taking finasteride :)

Thank you all.

08-17-2015, 05:04 PM
Trust me... if you try and RESEARCH ANYTHING regarding these timelines, you are going to go f*cking insane... I don't understand why anyone tries to make sense of the first few months on finasteride when science and doctors can't even thoroughly explain it... If you want to stick with this treatment, you need to close your eyes when you wash and style your hair, and ignore how much you lose... Look at what you HAVE after 5-6 months and after a year and gauge if it's doing anything. I know this is excruciatingly hard, but it's the only way to keep your sanity. :)

08-17-2015, 05:06 PM
But, to answer your question, I personally have thinned out quite a bit and I am 5 months in... I shed like CRAZY during the first 4 months and I THINK it has been slowing down. I do see a lot of little hairs everywhere, but if they don't grow and I continue to shed, I will be completely done for. My hair has become very diffuse.

08-21-2015, 01:08 PM
Cheers james, ur right, ive just gotta make a judgement in further down the line :)

Good luck to you sir.